About Us

At Allwell, we understand clean environment is an essential to everyone. We are the company that provide cleaning service from numerous ranges. You can name it from residential, office, initial, construction, high-rise cleaning etc. Besides that, we provide pest control service and handle range of cleaning and environmental products.

We believe cleaning is an evergreen trade which grow together with the nation. With the importance of that, Allwell also has progressively offer better service and catch up with the current cleaning technology.

If you prefer to clean your place by yourself, you can head on to our physical and online store for various types of cleaning equipment.

Feel free to contact us for more info and free consultation.


Allwell is evolving the standard of clean-living environment. By seamlessly service provided, we make clean environment more accessible, opening up more possibilities for people and more cleaning range options.



To consistently be better, we strive:

  1. To exceed the expectations of our customer,
  2. To promote clean and healthy environment to communities,
  3. To care for environment and operate responsibly.